No. 420 Drink FAQ

Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary is backed with not only the retail/storefront experience of opening and developing in nearby states, but also the agricultural experience from seed to flower. We have over 40 years of experience growing large domestic and international premium forage for the agricultural industry.

Our company has been watching and preparing for the potential of a Utah market for years. Building the right teams and securing those with the most crucial experience was key to getting the highest application score of the 100+ nationwide applicants and securing not one, but two licenses. We are honored to be able to provide a quality product for patients as they ease their pain and live a better life.

Keep bottle (or more) chilled in your fridge. One 8 oz bottle of No. 420 is one serving. It contains 10mg of THC which is considered a moderate dose of cannabis for most experienced cannabis patients. If you are new to cannabis, especially THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis), try drinking half the bottle and waiting up to 30 minutes to feel its full effects before drinking the rest. No. 420 is refreshing straight from the can or enjoyed in a glass over ice.

Rather than using oil based cannabis formulas commonly found in edibles, we infuse THC No. 420 with organic nano-emulsified cannabis extract. This emulsion technology breaks down the drops of oil into billions of nano-sized droplets that evenly disperse in water. This creates an exponentially larger surface area, higher bioavailability and faster absorption rates.

This means you will experience the onset effects of cannabis in less than 20 minutes with just one sip. It also means we can better control its flavor and function, giving you the highest quality experience possible.

For most people, effects will begin to dissipate within two hours after drinking a full can, but effects may last up to four hours.

We conduct all testing required by Utah Department of Agriculture and Food on cannabis potency, heavy metals, pesticides etc.

We conduct these tests three times:
1) cannabis itself
2) extracted cannabis in the form of emulsion
3) finished product before it is released into the market. We also conduct tests to ensure product stability and organoleptics through the products shelf life.